Thurisaz - The Cimmerian Years

Thurisaz have been around for some time, being that 'The Cimmerian Years' is their third album to date. Those that know the band well know exactly what to expect- a highly atmosperic blend of black and death metal with plenty of symphonic touches. The vocal styles include both harsh and clean vocals, aiming down the lines of bands such as Scar Symmetry and Disarmonia Mundi (this goes for the music too). Sometimes the music is chaotically heavy and other times it is beautiful and easy going. The keyboards do most of the work at keeping the atmosphere, such as either being a lead instrument in the first track, "Unhealed," or more of a background instrument on the track "The Carnival Of Miscreation." The guitars are not necessarily progressive or try to be outstanding with solos; usually they try to keep in heavy fomation with the rhythm of the rest of the music and part of this 'noise wall' lends to creating a sheer force of music that is heavy, but very melodic at the same trime. The more melodic bits are when they try to sound semi-acoustic on the shorter tracks like "Broken" and "Inner Voices;" here listeners can really experience the softer side of Thurisaz.

As for the vocals, they are extremely diverse. Sometimes completely clean, low, and gothic such as on "Fare Thee Well," sometimes death metal styled with "My Precious Unknown," and a black metal tone on "Unhealed." When performed together sometimes it can be hard to hear, but separately each style can be much appreciated for how well it flows with the music altogether with little room for flaws. The more epic tracks of the album, like "A Glance Of Misperception," really try to focus on the instruments versus the vocals and slow things down to a doom metal pace to enhance the atmosphere. It's depressing, hollow, and works to the band's advantages in the best ways. The vocals sound grittier and more distorted (at least the growling) so that also enhances the experience of the atmosphere. Raw emotion deserves raw music. Overall, this is a highly diversified release and probably Thurisaz's best as far as creating intriguing blackened death metal.

  1. Broken
  2. My Precious Unknown
  3. Second Mirror
  4. No Regrets
  5. Fare Thee Well
  6. The Carnival Of Miscreation
  7. Inner Voices
  8. Unhealed
  9. A Glance Of Misperception

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jul 2, 2011

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