Thus Defiled - A Return To The Shadows

Returning from the shadows for one last outing is England’s Christ destroying Thus Defiled, a leading torch bearer in the black metal scene and one of the highlights of the UK scene for the last 25 years. Having graced the stage with the likes of Dissection, Mayhem, Cradle of Filth and Rotting Christ, their history is unquestionable. For this release, we have one Thus Defiled track and four cover versions from artists who have had an influence on the band. There was one rule however, no black metal covers would be included!

Recorded once again in Texas with Tim Barlett at Noise Farm Studios, the same location as the well regarded pinnacle of their albums ‘Daemonspawn’ was recorded, comes the breath taking firestorm ‘Armagedda In Rapture’. This track is true to form, the assault is very much capable of blowing your skin clean from your face. With a sense of atmosphere, this undertone is augmented with some tight riffs and lead breaks that the band have become known for and of course the unholy vocal charge that also reminds you how comprehensive this band are with a suitably awesome studio mix.

Going into the covers, this is the most extreme version of ‘Creeping Death’ I have ever heard! Featuring backing vocals of Vesperian Sorrow’s Don Donni, this is a unique take on a classic. ‘Demon Seed’ features lead vocals by Mike Browning (Nocturnus/ex-Morbid Angel), a strong force and connection with Thus Defiled and then you have another classic cover of Death’s ‘Evil Dead’. The W.A.S.P. cover is my favourite though, you can just imagine the demons hanging from the gates of hades spitting blood and filth and reciting this wonderful little tune!

For their final outing, before once again returning to the shadows, this is a must have release. The covers in particular give a nice insight into the influence and capabilities of one of the UK’s premier black metal bands and how that influence led to the Thus Defiled material being born. Welcome to Hell my friends…

The band have asked to make a donation to the charity that Chuck Schuldiner was involved with rather than asking for any payment, or doing a crowdfunding campaign for this release which is Further details are available on their website.

  1. Armagedda In Rapture
  2. Evil Dead (cover Death)
  3. Creeping Death (cover Metallica)
  4. Demon Seed (cover Morbid Angel)
  5. Hellion (cover W.A.S.P.)

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 6, 2017

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