Thy Darkened Shade - Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs

This is an eight track full length album release from Greek black metal band Thy Darkened Shade, a band I had never heard of before but who pleasantly surprised me with this release. Right form the kick off this album hooked me in “Deceased Ambience” is a belting track to kick off proceedings with, great guitar work from Semjaza who also does the bass on this too. The drums from Maelstrom are tight and the vocals courtesy of The A are top notch as well, a good mix of screeching and raspy styles here. Hard to imagine this outfit has been around since 1999 and I have never come across them until now as they are very good indeed. This album rattles on at a great pace and the eight tracks come in at just under forty three minutes of well played black metal, there is a whole slew of really good Greek bands out there at the moment all who seem to be at the top of their game.

The music on this album is of old style black metal with a real mix of punk, death influences throughout which just add to the whole good feel to this release. The album lyrically deals with occult issues which add to the nasty edge the album has, check out one of my favourite tracks “The Great Serpent Self” for this as it is a right riff fest but with a very nasty feel to it, great track, but in my humble opinion there is not a bad track on this album, its all good!  For a band that have been going this long they have waited a long time to release anything but then again if you are going to put out such a fine album it is well worth the wait, this is a real beauty!!

My favourite tracks are probably to many to mention as I really like the whole album, but the two I have already mentioned plus “For Sinister Might” are probably my real faves, but as I say it’s all good on this release the playing is exceptional throughout with some really crushing riffs on it. Well worth checking out and adding to your collection as this is a really good release from a really good band that deserve some recognition. Recommended to all if you are a fan of good and nasty black metal.

  1. Deceased Ambience
  2. Reconstruction Of Soul And Matter 
  3. The Great Serpent Self 
  4. To Suffer The Perpetual Curses 
  5. Narrow Fields Of Life 
  6. For Sinister Might 
  7. Inferior Deathplan 
  8. The Clandestine Insight Of Immorality