Thy Final Pain - …Of Life And Death

This is Thy Final Pains second offering after the self-released debut full length album “Epitaph” which saw the light of day in 2008. “…Of Life And Death” was unleashed by STF Records and scores again with a powerful and crushing recording quality. The band still plays old school Death Metal, but this time with much more variations and better drumwork. The guitar section also delivers better riffs and a few nice melodic toppings. Thy Final Pain made a huge step forward and sometimes reminds me of Bolt Thrower (“Lords Of Doom”) or slower Kataklysm tracks (“The Real Crusade”). A couple of riffs are still too mediocre, but these guys are on the right way to get rid of the Debauchery-Copy reproaches. Some more faster components would have surely been like a breath of fresh air to some of the songs, but true underground lunatics and fans of older Six Feet Under albums or similar acts should take this chance to become familiar with Thy Final Pain. “…Of Life And Death” is a solid old school Death Metal release with over 46 min. of total playing time and true ambitions for more.

1. Hate Anthem
2. Lords Of Doom
3. When Angels Die
4. Embodiment Of Chaos
5. Bloodsaturated Perpetuity
6. Of Life And Death
7. A Bullet For Reincarnation
8. Redeemer
9. Hail The Sick
10. Thoughts Of Disbelief
11. The Real Crusade
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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