Thy Flesh - Thymiama Mannan

Thy Flesh crawled from the depths of Hell to Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia - Greece bringing with them thundering thrash metal sounds that were this band origins back in the year of 2004 however after the release of their first demo titled "Concept For The Devil" 2004 which was pegged as unique extreme metal. Thy Flesh disbanded (2005) and with the only remaining original member - Athan, re-formed in 2011 taking on a totally different twist, entering into the realms of black metal.

Current band lineup stands as: Cloven Hoof - guitars/vocals, Athan - drums and Haemophillus on bass.

"Thymiama Mannan" is the band's 2014 full length release. Consisting of experimental melodic black metal holding onto some classic riffs, dry raspy growls with intelligently done esoteric/left hand path occult themed lyrics this album pretty much holds up to what can be termed as that traditional black metal "evil" sound. I really love the heavier styled 70s occult vibe in the 3rd track titled 'Rape Magic'. The percussion throughout this album is like a thundering wave, constantly rising and smashing down hard over and over again. Every track reminds me of something and after a couple listens was able to pickup influences or impressions from bands such as: Burzum, Watain, Kamfar and even scrapings of old Voivod.

Thy Flesh have managed to recreate a traditional black metal sound with "Thymiama Mannan" a darkened demonic edge that is laced with gothic atmosphere lending a contradictory of cold yet welcoming emotion. At first I admit that I was skeptical about this band due to how they came about in their beginnings, jumping from style/genre however I find that Thy Flesh have finally not only found their niche but also have mastered it.

This album really grabbed me from the moment I put it on till it's very last drop it managed to keep me intrigued. Love the haunting gothic ending with 'Extremity Unbound'. This is definitely one of the best new to black metal albums of this genre that I have listened to this year. Highly recommend you give this a listen.

1. Thymiama Mannan
2. Final Nights
3. Rape Magic
4. Bloodsong
5. Temple Of Absinth
6. Silver Tongue Devil
7. Extremity Unbound

Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 11, 2014

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