Thy Legion - Venerato Diaboli

So here we have it... another 'raw blackened death metal band.' Thy Legion are gracing ears with their second album 'Venerato Diaboli.' It's raw, poetic black metal, but unlike their debut album, this one tends to fall a bit short. Maybe it is because mostly their style, which was impressive the first time around, has run a bit short or weary on ears. Maybe it is the black metal side of things and how the idea of Satan and evil and hell is overused so much that one can't really listen to Thy Legion and about four other black metal bands and really tell the two apart. Who knows what the reason is but when one spins 'Venerato,' they may find it gets boring. Fast.

From the opening track , "Feed Them Bullets," it is all spelled out for the listener. Aggressive guitars, snarling vocals from hell, and furious blast beats are fun to enjoy. But not when it sounds the same on every track. There is a brief respite from the highly ambient "Venerato Diaboli," but it is one of those moments where once it is over fans wonder, "And the point of that was...? Oh well... back to the blast beats!" The entire albumĀ  shreds, sometimes a little too much. There isn't much variation as far as sound goes, and the moment the album really starts to get good is sadly on the last track, "Rise Of The Harlot," where there's bit more groove and rhythm incorporated into the music (a bit of the death metal side no doubt). It's raw, chugging, and the layered vocals are also even more vicious then the straight up black metal ones that fans will have been so use to hearing.

Overall, the album still has its evil charm... but its a charm that will probably only work on new fans. Older fans will most likely shake their heads at how repetitive the album has been, but at least the final track offers some solace that the band knows how to put a new hellish spin on things without going completely off a cliff. Especially when it comes to that bombastic ending that fades in and out with those crunching chugs...


  1. Feed Them Bullets
  2. Hordes Of Sacrilege Arisen
  3. Venerato Diaboli
  4. Sadism Through Holy Intervention
  5. Legionized
  6. Rise Of The Harlot (Fall Of Man)

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Dec 3, 2010
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