Thyruz - Diseblot

Thyruz unleash their second black metal offering, Diseblot. The music is fast, aggressive, and in the vein of bands like Dark Funeral and Gorgoroth. There's no stopping this steamroller as each track crushes their way through. Some are a bit difficult to bear though due to the vocals. On the opening track they can barely be heard over the distorition of the guitars and drums that just beat on incessantly. There are some interesting numbers though. "Vargaate" has some very oiminous, industrial guitar work that sound like it came from a torture chamber with snarled vocals of demons. The atmosphere of the music is perfect for Thyruz and it is a shame they don't do it more often. "Blot" is a very short, bubbling track that doesn't really do anything, though. It could have been placed as an introduction or not used at all. "Realm Of Darkness" starts out well with its distorted, doom metal string pickings and then falls back into the wildly aggressive guitar notes that all the other tracks have along with the screeching, annoying vocals that sound like Cradle of Filth's early days. "Spiritual Mass" rolls on with intense, old school death metal pace and the twisted edge that makes black metal so enjoyable; plus the vocals are sparse, and when they are heard, their depraved sound suits the music well, before falling into "Spiritual Haze" which sounds like 'part 2' of the former.

The band keeps doing what they do without much difference. This album is still blistering black metal at its most furious. However, expect only minimalism and speed here with little in the way of complexity and progressive elements. Everything is mixed together so well it is really hard to hear anything stand out, except for the vocals that unfortunately sometime stand out as a bad thing for being so muddled and twisted. They would be more suitable for a depressive black metal band like Xasthur because they are so maddening and would suit the atmosphere perfectly with how they wail and sometimes moan in a demonic tone. But, here, they just don't have the sharp edge to match the tone of the music. Yet, somehow, Thyruz takes evil's sound and uses it to their advantage. Fans of fast paced metal will enjoy this.


  1. A Funeral Feast
  2. Vargaate
  3. Blot
  4. Circle Of Eternal Flames
  5. Realm Of Darkness
  6. Ominous Vocation
  7. Spiritual Mass
  8. Silver Haze

Twilight Vetrieb
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Aug 8, 2010

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