Thyruz - Northern Blasphemy

Fast Aggressive, Dominating. This has to be what winters are like in Norway. The folks at twilight Vertrieb done it again with Thyruz. Thrashier than alot of other black metal, no damn keyboards, and its also got as much harmony and melody as it does frozen lyrics and brutality. Black Metal is turning a corner with Thyruz. These guys have been in the game since 1999, and will continue to perfect there craft. Highly recommeded if you like black metal in general or if you into Marduk, and the like.

1. Intro
2. Gautatyrs Vrede
3. Tyrannical Human Interface
4. Martyrenes Rike
5. Perfect Genetic Blend
6. Speach By Hedin Varf
7. Dark Vision Arising
8. Death Valley Terminus
9. Show No Mercy
10. Braattsj√łers Slag
11. Furious Chaos
12. Bleacher Creatures
13. The End

Twilight Vertrieb
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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