Thyruz - Svik

Now back to basics with good old Norwegian Black Metal. Thyruz (Hedin Varf – vocals, Gorm – guitar, Ravnsvartr – guitar, Mjølner – drums, Ymer – bass) have been in existence since 1999 and have taken the cold dark Norwegian BM sound to another level giving it a twist to their own personal mark. This band has gotten noticed and has gathered experience with both recording and touring at an early stage and have shared the stage with such acts as: 1349, Mayhem and Ragnarok. 5 demos and 2 full length releases later Thyruz have now unleashed their most well thought out and inspirational album yet "Svik".

This album carries a hard rough edge throughout from beginning to end this is classic black metal with gritty screeching grim vocals and fast tempo rattling drums. The guitar riffs dominate everything and simply back you up into the corner giving no choice but to listen and sharing the ride. I also love how lyrically these tracks are a blend of both Norwegian and English and musically this album holds a true 90s Norwegian BM sound yes has some influence of modern BM within it.

The translation of "Svik" means deceit but I tell you there is nothing deceiving about this album it is pure raw European black metal at it's finest, nothing is sugar coated or laced with fuff. If you want something aggressive yet holds some melody, something dark with hints to a viking flavor  this album is real, this album is for you!

1. Prodita
2. Dødsriket
3. The Final Holocaust
4. All Flesh
5. Svik
6. Darkness Illuminates All

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 23, 2014

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