Time Requiem - The Inner Circle Of Reality

Time Requiem is the band with Richard Andersson on keys. Known from other (solo)projects and standing for quality power metal. On this album you find 8 tracks (Japanese version has a cover of ABBA) of real metal songs dosed with lots of keys (ofcourse) and having classical influences. Maybe that is why you find the Bach prelude at the end. Clean vocals, flashy guitars, up tempo and melodic. Chorus that can be sing along with the fist in the air. Powerful and clear production makes this a good album for the neo power metal fans.

1. Reflections
2. The inner circle of reality
3. Dreams of tomorrow
4. Attar of roses
5. Definition of insanity
6. Quest of a million souls
7. Hidden memories
8. Bach prelude variation

Regain Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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