Time To Burn - Starting Point

Time To Burn (France) deliver the first official CD after two self-produced CDEP's. This the so-called post-hardcore with pseudo-chaotically arranged songs with melodic soundscapes bursting into melodic attacks of bombastic noise. A cold atmosphere looking for climaxes that can only be found in post-nuclear worlds of emptiness. Heavy thundering bassguitar, dragging & punding doombringing drums and floating mesmerizing guitarmelodies merged by even more depressing screams towards the end. Loose playing and heavy production deliver a story of chaos without denying the crazy details. Definitely a great soundtrack for your suicide...

1. Linda hada
2. Lost in poetic words
3. Jelly roll
4. Starting point
5. Waiting for the end
6. Burn the lie down
7. Alma

Basement Apes Industries
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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