TimeMage - Shadow Realm

TimeMage is not really a band but more a project. Spinned by the brain of 1 man and with the help from a lot of people. On this latest concept album you hear metal based songs with various influences and styles. Hear clean vocals, grunts, female voices, guitars with solos, keyboards and power drumming. Call it progressive, power or thrash but the songs a diverse. Different tempos and melodies. This is an album that is easy listening and you can play it when you're alone or having your grantparents for diner.

1. Deadly accident
2. Still alive
3. Shadow realm
4. Fly
5. Beyond the stars
6. Drowned in blood
7. She’s so neat
8. My call
9. I’ll take revenge
10. Our souls will unite
11. Burn in hell
12. Forgive me

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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