Timor Et Tremor - For Cold Shades

Every time I hear the words black metal I naturally assume that the music will be just typically black with no outline and each time I have been proved wrong. Timor Et Tremor a very strange sounding name indeed have produced an amazing set of tracks that lavish attention on the ears so much so they cannot be ignored.

From start to finish it engages, it persuades and it coaxes in its own demonic way that is highly delightful, if that is the right word! It has created an unbridled passion within its chunky layers of seduction and has literally gone in for the kill.

Yearning – has a good strong opening that explores black metal to within every turn. Vocally scathing and raw along with the music holding tenuous strides of rhythm this is not your typical black metal track, it holds so much more.

Fen Fire – Holds flames that lick and dance to the tune of a million battering rams. The harmonies are capturing and tell their own story. The complexities of the track are extremely powerful and unforgiving.

Alpha And Omega – is swathed in rich rhythms that pound with iron fists to a grisly vocal encounter. It is exciting and holds vicious slices of metal along with sumptuous and melodic elements.

Oath Of Life – Immediately piques the interest for its rich melodic heaviness. It ambles under the weight of its own creation. Cloaked in a dark atmospheric ambiance it ventures into the essences of its black magic charm.

The Ghost In All That Dies – The thumping rhythms flurry in this mesmerising track of boldness! Unleashing a beast, the riffs endeavour to increase the turmoil as it twists and turns with equal abandon.

The Soaring Grudge – Nearing the end of this magnificent album expectations have truly been reached here and surpassed. With eager anticipation and revelry it pushes boundaries to the extreme.

Ethereal Dome – Rewards us with a stark and astounding riff that terrorises the senses as the melodic core is unleashed, along with a blackened harsh grizzle of vocal dexterity. Its energy is apparent although it quickly turns on its head and thrusts an amazing harmonious texture into the mix.

Pale Faces – The thunder says it all along with the rain effects and once more a startling presence is born. The mood has turned darker and frostier as the impressive bolts strike with unforeseen consequences, but never far away is a beautiful melodic core that presents itself and adds depth to this masterpiece.

Not just a ‘typical’ black metal album. This one holds so much for the ears to feast on. Although the vocals are a raging, demonic hotbed there are cleaner vocal moments that ground the tracks and allow a certain respite to be reached.

Of course all the black magic moments are there encased in its highly mesmeric structures but the melodies keep it from sinking into a dark pit and so adding depth and seduction to its mix.

Inescapable and oozing character – I just love this!

  1. Yearning
  2. Fen Fire
  3. Alpha And Omega
  4. Oath Of Life
  5. The Ghost In All That Dies
  6. The Soaring Grudge
  7. Ethereal Dome
  8. Pale Faces

Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Aug 10, 2016

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