Tine - The Forest Dreams Of Black

American black/death symphonic metal hailing from the state of Pennsylvania. Tine is fairly new to the scene with "The Forest Dreams Of Black" being their first full length debut album. So let's just jump right into this one shall we?

Tine definitely hold true to the atmospheric sound with heavy synths/keyboards which stand out sinister and sharp throughout this album (I have a feeling that this style of synth/keyboard playing and recording might end up being Tine's signature within the sound of future albums but then again I might be wrong).

ark and forceful is how I describe this album. Holding classical black metal elements I must say that this album does hold some surprises, just when you think you have it's direction figured out something happens to curve you away from that thought. There is much happening within each track all the time never lending to a dull moment. "The Forest Dreams Of Black" is very passionate in it's creation lacing it's outline with a very twisted personal touch lending to an atmosphere of love and horror. Even though yes this is a serious album it still gave me a very darkly playful fantastical feel. I know that this album's father wanted to create a sensation of fear within with this work however I for one could only feel a sense of creep filled joy while listening to it. Sort of like a Rob Zombie movie for the ears which is a good thing in my world so mean no disrespect with my statement here.

I do like this album but did find it to be rather lengthy and yes, I know, we can never be happy - either it's too long or not long enough haha, in this case for me, personally this creation was rather long but then again maybe on another day would have another opinion, like I stated I do like this and the composition to be great. For a 2 piece outfit Tine have done a pretty damn good job with this debut. My favored tracks are 'Lord Is Self', 'The Crusade Of Dracul', 'The Key To Forbidden Knowledge'(instrumental) and 'The Watchful Eye'.

One thing I do appreciated with this album is that there is not so much use of soundscapes what is something one normally gets their share of when listening to symphonic metal. Everything put into this work, is used in good taste and nothing is abused or not used enough. Great balance here. I do believe that this is an album what grows more and more on you in time. I do recommend checking out this album and feel it would be something of interest to add to one's collection.

  1. Enter The Black Forest
  2. Horrors At Antioch
  3. Lord Is Self
  4. The Darkest Premonition (Of Things To Comeā€¦)
  5. Encounter With The Shadow People
  6. The Crusade Of Dracul
  7. Herein Lies The Crooked Elm
  8. The Key To Forbidden Knowledge
  9. The Watchful Eye

Self released
Reviewer: Kindra Ravenmoon
Nov 30, 2015

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