TIR - Metal Shock

TIR have released upon us their new release “Metal Shock”. Right from the beginning its “Balls To The Wall” style heavy metal with some slight progressive vibes. Seriously folks, this has so much energy in it. Even on the slower material you can feel the energy and passion radiating from your speakers. What I like about this release is that they add a little groove to their music, It’s traditional in format, such as it is, but the groove they add gives it that extra push and draws the listener in, so to speak. The tune and tone of the guitars is precise especially on the solos which seem to be a bit technical. Another thing that is noteworthy is that the bass is given just as much prominence as the other instruments. This makes for some really great “jump off” points in contrast with one another. Hearing bands like this is a relief knowing that there are musicians who take enough pride in creating music as I do in listening to it. If you’re a true metal head and music fan, you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

TIR is a band to be taken seriously. Even so, this is a fun CD. In listening to it, I actually got up and had to start headbanging to it. By the second listen I was playing air guitar to it! Fellow metal heads, metal doesn’t get much better than this. I won’t go into sub-genres, but encompassing all metal, this release is some of the best metal I’ve heard. This is one of those bands that makes you wonder what their live show is like. The talent and professionalism here is second to none and their music shows it. This album is my introduction to the band, and it was a damn fine one at that! This is a Gates Of Hell Records release and I can say without reservation, that if the label keeps releasing material and bands like this, they could be considered one of the top labels in the world of underground metal. So, contact the band or the label for info on how you can add this beast of an album to your collection. Be sure to check it out, you will not be disappointed. I am definitely looking forward to future releases from this band!


1. Città In Fiamme
2. La Sfida
3. Banche Armate
4. La Luna Nel Cerchio
5. Crazy Mama
6. Dentro Il Vuoto
7. Lasciateci Fare
8. Metal Shock
9. Beat 150
10. Mitra
11. Memoria (Faber)