Tiran - Reborn Chaos

'Reborn Chaos' is quite a unique listen for those who may be expected just a simple old school based Thrash album from Russian based Tiran. Sure there are the typical old school Metallica and Venom toned tracks like "Lucifer" and "Room 16" which sound primitive and raw with a fast speed and rather screeching vocals that seem like a cross between Thrash and Black Metal, but throughout the tracks the band tends to let the instruments do more of the talking. On a track like "Room 16" Tiran will often bring in a more technical, jazzy guitar solo or interlude mixed with the bass rather than just the typical Speed Metal Thrash attack that is guitar and drum heavy, or just having the guitars obliterate everything altogether. The raw tone of the music production allows the group to pull this off nicely without feeling overproduced while keeping everything balanced, especially for the bass. Then there are even some Death Metal elements such as the early Cannibal Corpse growls included on "Genocide," which may come across as a huge surprise, but provide an excellent contrast for the higher pitched vocals.

Tiran even throw in some Opeth-esque progressive moments with some acoustic interludes on "Travlia" that again bring another curveball to those who may have thought the album would be typical. The solos are also clean and even include some Eastern tones to them without feeling cliche. "Forever Underground" is probably the one track that is pure 'old school Thrash' with its fast pace and just simple rhythms, but after all the other surprises the other tracks hold, it feels almost generic to what Tiran is capable of. The only other thing that might come close to it is the Stormtroopers Of Death (or SOD) cover "United Forces," which was an excellent choice as their cult style of Crossover Thrash merges well with Tiran's own style. The biggest surprise may be the final "When Dawn Comes..." which isn't really Metal at all but rather just as simple flute, guitar, and percussion track that is very mournful and folkish, but a great closer overall that keeps up with Tiran's unpredictable nature. Overall, 'Reborn Chaos' will take listeners for quite a ride that will knock them silly, but in an enjoyable sort of way rather than the full blown chaos that may be expected from an album by Gorgoroth.

  1. Lucifer
  2. Genocide
  3. Room 16
  4. Children Of War
  5. Travlia
  6. Forever Underground
  7. United Forces (cover SOD)
  8. Reborn Chaos
  9. When Dawn Comes...


Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 21, 2012

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