Titans Eve - Chasing The Devil

Following on from their stunning 2012 sophomore release ‘Life Apocalypse’, time has been favourable to this band. Not only have they have some notable tours and future ones planned, but the level of song writing maturity is shown here on this release. They have retained their thrash edge, but they’ve also incorporated some clever transitions and melodies into most, if not all of the tracks that both vocally and musically go hand on hand. The clever part of this is also mixing classic thrash with more modern and classic metal, the harmonies matched with the outright barrage of guitar riffs that come out show musicianship without a need to prove that they can do it, it’s natural.

‘We Defy’, ‘Warpath’ and in fact most of the tunes, have some gratifying group vocal harmonies, this really gives the album an increased tasty flavour, and also propels this band from being more than a trashing retrospective group. Time is a valuable thing and when used wisely, I can’t praise Titan’s Eve enough as they’ve given me much enjoyment on this release that on the trashier side expel a Testament influence. One of the other stand out tracks is the title track ‘Chasing the Devil’ which takes their influence and skill a touch further. Here there sounds like some twin guitar harmonies are present, like classic Iron Maiden, integrated with Titan’s Eve slightly refined thrashier side.

As a third album, I can only commend the band for developing, it’s a really cool album and defying trends by mixing a couple of classic metal and thrash styles. Performing as a cohesive unit and delivering an album like this, surely there’s bigger things on the horizon for this band?

  1. We Defy  
  2. Warpath 
  3. No Kingdom 
  4. Another Day  
  5. Chasing The Devil  
  6. The Grind  
  7. Stranded  (Instrumental)
  8. The Endless Light

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 13, 2015

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