Titans Eve - Life Apocalypse

Masterminded by Brian and Kyle Gamblin Titans Eve are a young thrash band from Vancouver, Canada. ‘Life Apocalypse’ is a concept album but not in the way usually associated with such releases. Each track has a vibrant energy, even an acoustic instrumental. Rather than sounding bay area, Titans Eve are more modern, they take aspects of say Trivium and mix with other gems from Canadian compatriots Annihilator (in their naughty’s recording phase). Vocally, I can hear slight similarities to Randy Rampage, especially on the title track. It has that same harsh punk/hardcore edge whilst a battering barrage of drums and guitars pummel your ears into the sub terrain. Titans Eve generally delivers on a groove, a movement, rather than relying on Annihilators riff orientated thrash. The overall result is quite something, although if the truth be told this is not my favourite style of thrash, but my overall thoughts are positive. What also helps is the way the band represent themselves - the album cover presents such a visual impact, this is a great image penned by Björn Goosses.

‘Destined to Die’ is the first single from this album, it’s all about personal apocalypse and personal struggle, a general theme of the entire release, the track itself generalises the Titans Eve sound perfectly. Conversely to what I said earlier, the intro has a buzzsaw guitar riff and overall brutal stance, my only real criticism of the release is that I would like to hear higher octave vocals, they are cool for the low end heavy stuff, but there needs to be more of a vocal range for me. Each to their own, but what I do say is that this band shouldn’t stay independent for much longer as the band has secured a tour with Canadian legends Anvil over the summer months, something that should gain them more exposure.

‘Life Apocalypse’ is thoroughly modern thrash, it has a hard edge sound, the arrangements are tight and thoughtful and Titans Eve should have a better journey than most young bands on the long road ahead to success and recognition.


  1. Overcast
  2. Destined To Die
  3. Road To Ruin
  4. The Abyss
  5. Descension (instrumental)
  6. Life Apocalypse
  7. A Wound That Never Heals (instrumental)
  8. Hollow Gods
  9. Divided We Fall
  10. Frozen In Time
  11. The Void

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 24, 2012
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