Tjolgtjar - The Tjolgtjarian Mass

The band name is pronounced Toll-tar in case you didn't know. Seeing the name and the terrible cover it is not hard to figure that they play black metal. I wouldn't say they because it is a solo project of The Reverend. He got the help from a drummer but it also could have been a machine you are hearing. Vocals are insane and distorted and seems like slaughtering a raped goldfish. Musically it goes from accoustic intermezzos to up tempo rhythms. And using guitars based on classic metal or psychedelic rock. The sound quality is not the best but it would be called true black metal... When I listened this album a couple of times I don't know what to do with it. There are some horrible things and very few good things so in my opinion it is not worthy. But if you think you dig black metal that step out the line maybe you will like it...

1. Enter The Halls Of The Pororiium
2. The Ceremony Of Tjolgtjar
3. Exorcism Spell
4. Prayer Of The Five Keys
5. Tjolgtjarium Ritual
6. Acts Of Communion
7. The Offering
8. Curse Upon Our Enemies
9. Invoking Our Lord Skuulkuun
10. The Black Arts Of Vruguun
11. Exit Through The Gate
Baphomet Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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