To Elysium - Dearest Vile

The debut CD of Dutch To Elysium. Featuring ex members of Altar, Seraphique and Black Out. Basically a death metal band but with gothic, high female vocals and atmospheric elements. Brutal male vocals, technical drumming and catchy keyboards. Proving they are skilled musicians and with great production this is a capturing CD. Are you into Orphanage, Alter Forever and Within Temptation you will also like this Dutch band!

1. Harangue
2. He Rears His Head In Laughter
3. In Collision
4. Bug
5. The Devil Herself
6. Dana In Darkness
7. Chaos/Sun
8. Seas Of Starvation
9. Meridians Fall
10. To A Flame
11. Doomcraft
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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