To Hate - Different Faces

From Solvenia To Hate is a new band which has been together since 2007. "Different Faces" is this band's debut release and was definately created for headbanging. The production is awesome here and this album is tight. All 12 tracks are strong and heavy, nothing whimpy to be found here, not bad considering these guys did everything themselves.

"Different Faces" gives us a new twist on melodic death metal, band members: Jure Vandur - vocals/guitar, Marko Strnad - guitar, Oliver Čepek - bass and Sašo Corso - drums/vocals might be new in the scene but I feel that their talents will take them a long way. For a self released and all do it themselves album "Different Faces" blows my mind! Taking all into consideration here I give this album a 4/5 worth getting your hands on if you can..

1. Beginning To Hate
2. Break A Spell
3. Key To The Suicide Area
4. Program Zero
5. Step Of Truth
6. Silence Implies Consent
7. Panic Disorder
8. Zirberck 1329
9. Useless Device
10. Black Hole Of Miracles
11. Burn Down With My Existence
12. Micron

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 27, 2009

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