To Resist Fatality - Ianus

The band To Resist Fatality is hailing for a town called Goettingen and that can be found in Germany. The band is formed in 2004 by guys who already played in the underground scene for several years. Founding goal was to make hard and melodic metal, resulting in melodic death metal but with any influences that would fit the songs.

Their debut full length was released in 2006 and now in 2008 a new album is released with the title "Ianus". But what I hear on this album is not melodic death metal it is more emo metalcore. The vocals are screaming and even worse clean singing! Tempo vary from mid to up and even slow melodies. The band is best in the fast parts. But to be honest this is not for me at all.
Death metal fans should not listen this as they are not realy open minded and fans of the metalcore genre can listen to it safefully.

1. Morals Muted
2. Guilt And Atonement
3. The World Is Shrinking
4. The Silent Society
5. Philosophy Of Futility
6. Destined To Repeat
7. Spectacles

STF Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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