Today Forever - Profound Measures

The German label Bastardized Recording normally realeses some nice albums. But with this album "Profound Measures" from fellow landmates Today Forever they won't win. Today Forever consist of 5 guys and they play modern melodic hardcore. It is not rough and bold but way too smooth. The main vocals are the shouters but there are also some clean sung vocals that really turns me off. It just don't fit. As I said before the band is playing melodic modern hardcore and although tempo is stamping the riffing is creating the melodic parts. Guitars are the main issue of the band as the melodies are not bad. The songs have enough variety in structure so certainly not dull. Even a bit of moshparts can be heard. But when the clean sung vocals fall in again I am done with this album.

1. The Permission 

2. Pinpoint The Shift 

3. Mask Off 

4. Cellphone Slaves 

5. The Dirty Details 

6. On A Trip 

7. Need For A Romeo 

8. Debriefing
9. Raya (instrumental)
10. Red Love 

11. Input 

12. Down On Me 

13. Directions
14. Bloody Encounter

Bastardized Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2009

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