Todesblei - Splittergranatendauerbombardement

Always thought that Switzerland was a peaceful country? Wrong! Listen to the utter aggression and verbal assaults of Todesblei. This band is ramming 14 bombs in your skull that will last for some days. Short songs but what an impact. This is brutal death metal as it is meant to be. Not hard but very hard. Brutal vocals with german lyrics. Complex and melodic riffing and insane drumming. Only a pity that there are no violent guitarleads in some songs. For the rest this is a hammer and should be picked up by the true death metal legions! Killer.

1. Der sadist
2. Folterknecht
3. Psychischer vampir
4. Bomberpilot
5. Lynchjustiz
6. Menschenfeind
7. Lügner
8. Hausfrieden
9. An die wand
10. Hassgeblendet
11. Marionetten
12. Sklaventreiber
13. Traumjob mord
14. Blutrache

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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