Todtgelichter - Was Bleibt...

Not difficult to guess where these guyz are from... Germany, that right and they play cold, raw and harsh black metal. Totally non compromised and atmospheric. The only atmosphere you get is darkness, war and devastation. Long songs that rage towards the end with rapid guitarriffs, hellish vocals and breaks in slower tempo. Not easy listening for symphonic creatures but powder for the insane and black masses. So Was Bleibt???

1. Hort des Todes
2. Asenschlacht
3. Von Hass und Trauer
4. Erinnerungen eines Wolfes
5. Wunden
6. ...und g├╝tig empfange ich euch
7. Schlachtenruf
8. Existenz aus Nichts
9. Flammenspuk
Folter Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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