Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance

For those unfortunate masses out there that are late to the Tomb Mold game, which sadly has myself included, they are a rather infectious form of spores in the shape of a death metal band based out of the great white north, or Toronto, Canada if you wanna be exact. Tomb Mold is heavily inspired by the brutal action, cosmic horror rpg video games Bloodborne and Dark Souls, hell, they even derived their moniker from Bloodborne itself. Where tomb mold is mold that grows from rotten flesh and blood inside the old labyrinth and matures to bear giant spores. "Planetary Clairvoyance" is their third disease spreading full length album and second platter of filth for excellent record label 20 Buck Spin.

In terms of their form of death metal, Tomb Mold is infectious, epic, brutal, foreboding and enlightening. Their sound, which could easily be described as somewhat of a cohesive mix of Incantation, Demigod, Suffocation and Demilich, is some of the most thought out, well written and executed death metal released from a band so young in the game, ever. For they have learned rather quickly to eschew so-called genre rules and guidelines and just focused on writing really good, catchy, grooving, adventure worthy heavy songs. They spread these spores of dangerous dungeonous goodness in a style that just so happens to be death metal, which they happen to be very good at.

Out of the labyrinth and into your ears this mold spreads infectiously to your inner mind, where it sits and festers away, causing you true joy. With Tomb Mold's "Planetary Clairvoyance" they have put out a death metal record so well written and so well executed that it doesn't matter what sub-genre of death metal you desire most, you will absolutely love it. Seriously, this album is really, really killer, it gets me excited, moving, grooving and flat out rocking the fuck out.


1. Beg For Life
2. Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside Pt 2)
3. Phosphorene Ultimate
4. Infinite Resurrection
5. Accelerative Phenomenae
6. Cerulean Salvation
7. Heat Death