Tomorrow’s Outlook - 34613

‘34613’ is an album from a Norwegian power metal studio project. The band features many big names in terms of guest vocalists, Graham Bonnet and Michael Kiske are the major big hitters, but the main basis of this project is routed in progressive or symphonic power metal. If you like Rhapsody of Fire, you know what to expect.

Rather than being a pure copycat of the aforementioned Italian band, the arrangements are more than magical on their own merit. The semi-ballad ‘Song for You’ is majestic as it starts out slow and emotive and continues to build an atmosphere all of its own before exploding when the tempo increases. These gents do know how to express emotion and ‘Ethereal Dream’ personifies this. Some parts of this album like ‘White Lightening’ are just over the top. Whilst epic is sometimes cool when used in moderation, there is a loss on concentration that results in delivering ‘cheesy epic’ that this ruins previous levels of pure excitement. Tomorrow’s Outlook cover Lizzy Borden’s ‘Red Rum’ is ok, but the album is killed in momentum terms with ‘Liquid Scream’.

I have had some time with this release, I have evaluated this many times, there is a wealth of ideas on offer, but that doesn’t mean that they should be included on the same album. Overall musical talent is overshadowed by a pretty stagnant flow part way through this release which is rather criminal and disappointing.


  1. As Darkness Falls  (Intro)
  2. Gate To Freedom
  3. Glass Mountain
  4. A Song For You
  5. Doubt
  6. The Ethereal Dream
  7. 34613 (instrumental)
  8. White Lightning
  9. Liquid Scream
  10. Kill Again
  11. March Of The Demons
  12. Red Rum (cover Lizzy Borden)
  13. The Ethereal Dream (Reprise)