Tomorrow's Victim / Perverse / Moulded Flesh - Split

Nice split CD with three bands that are active in the brutal death scene. Tomorrow's Victim is the opener and comes from the USA while the other 2 bands are from Poland. 12 Tracks of deep growls (Moulded Flesh uses a screamer as back up), ripping guitars (no leads) and hammering drums (Perverse with their 16 year old butcher!). A good way to hear new UG bands.

1. Delusion of reprieve
2. Darkest dawn
3. Beaten and dismembered

4. Ripping heart & swollen eyes
5. Dead
6. Hammer smashed face
7. Blasting the judgement day

8. The quest for happiness
9. Innocence i defiled
10. In love
11. Shameful intercourse
12. Contuinity of species

Deus Mortuus Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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