Tor Marrock - A Gothic Romance

Tor Marrock is a 3 peice band from Whales in the United Kingdom. A Gothic Romance is pretty intense, dark gothic music. Take Type O Negatives guitar sound, Cradle Of Filths darkness, and Marylin Mansons Techno soundscapes, with a dash of Death style vocals.. and your pretty much on the right track. Very cool release to say the least. If your into Goth type projects or Type O, give Tor Marrock a shot.

1. Death Of Summer
2. De-Nude Our Poisoned Minds
3. Lower The Death
4. On The 5th Of October
5. Throw Yourself Into The Empty Well
6. Gothic Romance
7. The Limit Of Desire
8. This Man Has Felt The Whore
9. ThereÕs No Heaven In Your Eyes
10. Repulse, Recoil
11. Silence
12. Poison Of Summer
13. HeavenÕs Death Lights Kindle

Casket Music
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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