Torment - Occult

Well, this time I review a French death metal band which is called Torment. They're active since 2017 and their debut album is "Occult".

Track one, the intro brings you stress and panic by synthesizers and sound effects and it's really magnificent.
Second track, 'Deathwish' is a specific track, heavy riffs, Punchy palm-mutes.
'Human Parasite' is my favorite track, almost the best track of the year (except vocals). Everything is fantastic in this track. You can listen to many other bands with this kind of atmospheric sections but this one is characteristic. It brings you emptiness. I really like this track.
'Last winter' is a heavy-groovy track. It forces you to head-bang. Great blast beats, good bass line, peculiar solo. Guitarists are skilled.
'Rituals', this song has a magnificent intro, then goes to perfect drums… superb blast beats. Riffs are heavy as they should be but I don't like some sections of bass line and the bass's sound. It could be more compressed and it could be much better. The breakdown at 3:26 is a lush section of the song which prepares you to listen to the new phase of the song. After sedative section, you can hear that the guitars are brings you remorse and brutality together. What a fantastic part at 4:45. The guitars kill you.

The fifth track, 'Rebirth' is a noble track, everything is enough except the vocalist (which causes headaches each song for me) and the bass guitar as I mentioned before, should be sound much more clear.
'Psychotic' begins with slam riffs which are heavy as fuck. A piece of stress. Nothing else to say about that. (Why the vocals are not good!!!!!)
'Silent Scream', majestic track, royal intro, pleasant riff and so on… they have made a good song together. Everything is perfect.
The ninth track, 'Swarm' is a bloody tunable song… classy style, cool breakdown. It can stick in your mind for hours.
'Locked Away' is some kind of repetitive in the beginning. I mean you've listen this style before, definitely. But it's not a bad track at all. Solo's effect is not good. It's the weakest track of this album.
The last song, 'Occult' is a respectable track and it has its own phase. Breakdown, Slam part and other things are great and these elements had made the song diversified.

Generally, the whole album is honorable and I really like it. But as a death metal fan, the vocals are not suit the songs at all. They should change the vocal's style. It can be more growly and brutal. Also they should work more on their music production.
Collectively, they're talented and I recommend you to listen and follow their stuff. Hope to hear more about them in the future.

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro
2. Deathwish
3. Human Parasite
4. Last Winter
5. Rituals
6. Rebirth
7. Psychotic
8. Silent Scream
9. Swarm
10. Locked Away
11. Occult