Torment - Tormentation

20 years of Torment (Germany) completely over the top, 20 years of thrash 'n' roll lalalala.... This is easy rocking trash metal the German way... Simplistic catchy guitarriffs with influences of old hardcore, thrash and old school rock and heavy metal, dirty raw bassguitar sound and party thrashing drums. Vocals and lyrics are raw, crazy and "over the top" indeed and these heavy metal hooligans know how to create great party metal for drunks!!

1. Intro
2. New World Terror
3. Tormentation
4. P.C. (Porn Casting)5. Laws of the street
6. In the name
7. Traitor's fate
8. Politically incorrect (and damn proud of it)
9. Shop 'til ya drop
10. The calling
11. Not dead yet
12. Woman
13. Tribute to Traci
14. State of war
15. Please don't touch
16. Bestial sex
17. Heavy Metal Hooligans

Remedy Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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