Tormenta - Tormented Souls

After much deliberation, Maldives' Tormenta have finally gotten their first EP on the map. It's a small offering, but good enough to get fans excited, and to interest old fans who like a bit of technical thrash metal bits. Some tracks like "Judgment" are just straightforward, lengthy, buzzing riffs galore mixed with faster, energetic ones in the vein of Metallica amongst snarled vocals that aren't exactly death metal styled, but still a lot stronger than the average thrash metal band that tries to pattern their work after Slayer or Exodus. Tormenta take things just a step further. "Illumi Nation" is a bit more technical on the musical side, but at the same time more repetitive in the lyrics. It offers short bursts of music which allows the guitars to jump around from note to note a lot quickly, but before granting too much of a headache there are still some solid, grounded riffs that will hammer out every once in a while for some pretty engaging sound, but overall the technical bits will please fans quite a bit. "Tormented Souls" tends to get technical on the guitar solo parts, but mostly tends to play it safe with the heavier, chugging riffs that actually feature quite a bit of groove, and when mixed with the cymbal drum work, sounds pretty darn innovative- possibly making it the highlight track of the EP. Overall, this is a start. Tormenta could add more variation in the vocal work so it doesn't seem so one sided, but their musicianship is very well versed to be more than just average thrash music, and should appeal to most fans of the genre.

  1. Judgment
  2. Hours Of Darkness
  3. Illumi Nation
  4. Defy
  5. Tormented Souls
  6. Hang, Drawn And Quartered

Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 7, 2011

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