Tormention - Hunger For Flesh

God damn it. Who the hell are Tormention, where the hell did they come from, how the hell did they escape my all seeing eye and for fuck's sake... what did just hit me???

These questions were crossing my mind as I was driving my car to work listening to those awesome fuckers from Sweden. After rounding three blocks full of parking spots, just waiting for their first full length to finish, all was still a mess in my head. Old school death metal, the Swedish scene, brutal vocals, groovy rhythms, steady drums, fat and solid bass sound and performance, some American scene here and there, brutal killers, horrid accidents and killings, shit somebody stop me!!! And after all that when I searched them I fell onto some review of some douchebag who literally buried this whole stuff. Man some guys must really cut off their ears cause really they only serve decorating purposes for them. Anyway no point on getting exited.

Fellow death metallers, this album here is the epitome of tight performance combined with great ideas on guitar and magnificent song composing skills! A perfect platter of all the Swedish death metal scene, filtered in an ideal album with outmatched character and wrath. That is the stuff a death metal album should have. Of course some American strokes could not be missing, and why should they be? Influences are influences and nothing more, when the musician is aware of the correct use of them, he can create a megaton so big that will shake all the feather hearted sons of bitches out there! An xtra plus on this knocker is the lyrical content, which so happens to be my favorite. I've seen many lyrical contents in death metal about politics, religion, war, etc etc!! But when it comes to zombie shit, stabbing innocent people on the street, deflowering virgins and other tales of horror like these, just count me in.

Awesome music, awesome lyrics and an awesome CD layout! "Hunger For Flesh" is Tormention's release for 2012 and it is waiting for you, armed to the teeth... go for it!!


  1. Decapitation
  2. Crawling Through Bodies
  3. Hatred
  4. Hunger For Flesh
  5. March Of The Undead
  6. Stab Her
  7. The Soil Reeks Of Flesh
  8. Undress Them From Skin
  9. Soldier Of The Dead
  10. Felching Pus