Tormentor Bestial - Supplicium Plus Quam Bestia

Spanning more than a decade in the Brazilian thrash/heavy scene, Tormentor Bestial released their 3rd full length album "Supplicium Plus Quam Bestia". If my Latin language knowledge serves me well the title means "Executed More Than A Beast".

Tormentor Bestial follow closely the steps of the 90's sound of Anthrax under the exception they add in death growls in few parts of their songs.

The band retains the Anthrax riffology with Megadeth/Testament/Sacred Reich/(old)Metallica passages. Some melodic lines will resemble those of the latter Judas Priest albums. When they get faster some Sepultura influences arise (they are Brazilian after all).
The leads are pretty decent with a 90's thrash aura and the rhythm section is a propeller.

Tormentor Bestial have a good performance throughout the album and they achieve a very thick and convincing result. They seem to have digested their thrash influences very well and even though they appear in their songwriting, they still retain an own character. The production keeps all the 90s thrash metal productions' characteristics, but is by no means nostalgic.

To sum up, expect almost an hour of very well played thrash/heavy metal the american way with flattering production, nice Anthrax-worship vocals, memorable melodies and catchy riffage! If you are familiar with the 90's melodic thrash, you will surely enjoy this album.
As for me: I enjoyed very much the album and the fact it turned me back to my high school years! I would be sure to bush it in my stereo in a party and go straight to the fridge to get the ice cold beers!


1. Own Hell
2. Nephelins
3. Tormentor Bestial
4. The One
5. Make Your Choice
6. Scars
7. Like A Flame
8. Doravante Brasil
9. Fucking Duality
10. Into The Storm
11. Supplicium Plus Quam Bestia
12. From The Past To The Future (Bonus Track)