Torn The Fuck Apart - The Dissection Of Christ

Torn The Fuck Apart are a 5 piece Metal/Death metal band from Kansas city, who formed in 2004. The band consists of J (Vocals), Michael (Vocals/Guitar), Nick (Guitar), Jake (Drums), Def (Drums). The following review is of the bands 2nd album The Dissection Of Christ.

Opening up with a Bill Maher sample that summarizes the tone of the album, before being brought to attention by ear pounding instrumentals, the intensity of which the listener must choose one of two choices all or nothing. Although intense the band is certainly not monotonous dynamic melody with tasteful/meaningful samples certainly a band to see live to truly appreciate a good pounding, headphones and everyday speakers simply won’t do the album justice. This band gives you no room for leeway a casual listener might be over whelmed and frankly unprepared for such ferocity.

Brutally honest with a will to pound into you the truth about Christianity the demons in white, the wolf in sheep’s clothing. A union of sexual predators damming and praying on the weak/young. Ill contempt for this brood of vipers is the driving force of this album.



  1. God's Blood Turned Black
  2. Father Of Filth
  3. ...The Dissection Of Christ
  4. Our Serpent Savior
  5. Bashed In Prophets
  6. Purgatorium (instrumental)
  7. Dead Religion
  8. Decapitated Disciples
  9. Crucifixion Infection
  10. Angles Decayed In Dust



Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 26, 2013
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