Torture Incident / Brutal Insanity - Split

Split CD from two brutal noise grind acts. Torture Incident is the first one and comes from Malaysia and is ramming 16 songs thru your slitted throat. Hellish screamer, hammering drums and crashing guitars. Just sick songs with some weird intros.

Brutal Insanity is more known and only delivering 5 songs of their raging violence and that is including a cover song. Butchering drums leading the deep vocals and perversed guitarriffs with leads.

Concluding that this is a nice split CD with two extreme and insane bands.

1. Religious Inveigle
2. Sick Perversions
3. Grub Infested Fuckhole (Grot cover)
4. The Butcher Within
5. Going Out Clubbing
6. Gruesome Mass Murder
7. Power Of Destruction
8. Cannibals
9. Brutal Bank Robber
10. Blood
11. Voice Your Disgust
12. Monetary Unequilibrium
13. Lost The Fight
14. Terpaksa Ku Lakukan
15. Genocide
16. Political Dog Warmachine
17. Bloodsoaked Terror
18. Punishment
19. Soilent Junkies
20. System Massacre
21. Outro
Chop2Death Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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