Torture Throne - Stench Of Innocence

2014 and those French ravagers, dug their way up the grave once again to deliver their new MCD. Their first one of 2011, was a really good approach to the sound bands as Entombed, Grave and Dismember delivered. Muddy, heavy and raw, based in mid tempo riffs and patterns aiming in darkness and disgust. "Stench Of Innocence" is their second MCD, 3 years since their first one. The bet in this type of death metal, is always if the band will achieve to play the same shit without wearing itself out and of course this translates to: Not getting boring. Torture Throne have definitely won this bet.

A short hellish intro and 'Arma Christi' breaks in. Slow and dark. The song progresses in mud, slowly crawling behind your back, and of course you instantly feel the chills. Those guys must really worship the 90s era of death metal. How else can someone explain the freshness their material has and in the same time the old school spirit it reeks? You can almost smell the corpses around.. hehe. The rot, the roughness, the ideas, it's all there. Like it was recorded back in the day. The only thing that makes it different is the date, and I don't know many bands that can get such a tight grip on this old school feeling. 'Morbid Wrath' carries on the nightmare after the first track, and get's you right from the face, as it enters with a blast beat but a little later sinks you in the abyss like the first one! The sound is something you have to listen in order to believe. So putrid and primitive. Of course Torture Throne is not a band that relies on the success they have on bringing forth a sound almost forgotten. The ideas are there. All the songs here are based on riffs able to make ones neck break, either from headbanging in their straight forward moments, or from the swirls in their darker ones. Blastin-thrashing or swirling, they're all under one roof.

And this roof of course is the sole aim this band has to bring the groove forth. 5 tracks and an intro in a total amount of 22 minutes, will send you back to the days when the drummers didn't know what the hell was a trigger. Not that there's anything wrong with it, but here with these French beasts we're talking about the roughness of it all and in this type of sound, such improvements are not welcome. The layout is a big plus to this release as it adds a lot with its minimal tones! Releases like this one here are the proof that indeed, there are time machines out there. Purchase it and let it take you back to the golden 90s era of pure and raw uncompromised death metal sound.

  1. Messiah
  2. Arma Christi (Three Sadistic Abominations)
  3. Morbid Wrath
  4. Stench Of Innocence
  5. Sempiternal Spear Of Salvation
  6. For All Those Who Worship