Tortureslave – Tools Of Torture

The debut full length album of Germany’s Tortureslave take a deceptively looking death metal album and turn it into a thrash groove driven machine. “Tools Of Torture” draws influence of groups like Dew Scented, Death, or even Legion Of The Damned. Considering these guys started in 2017 they’ve picked some pretty good styles to follow, and the album shows it. The tracks here go by very quickly which is a bit disappointing but each has very memorable groove. There’s the speed thrash crushers like ‘Allholy’ that feature plenty of groove in the riffs with some death metal influences here and there in the drumming, but with the barked vocals that feel like a cross between Exodus and Death with building crescendo riffs and a tendency to build oozing bridges, the hybrid of death and thrash metal is paramount here. Then there are the faster tracks like ‘I Won’t Bow’ that don’t quite have as much groove as the others with the chugging riffs, but the power is focused on the chorus and there is even some more technical work with the bass and drums.

The anthem driving tracks are where Tortureslave really shine. Crowds will be chanting the lyrics of tracks like ‘Wolf Without A Pack.’ Musically, it is a rather mediocre thrash piece, but lyrically it is brilliant and still probably the album’s stand out. ‘Fathers Of The Fourth Reich’ tries to follow suite in a similar fashion, but it just doesn’t quite hit the groove spot just right. Listeners will get back to speeding things up with ‘The Apex Sin.’ A bit more on the Dew Scented side with its driven rhythms this one hits a bit harder than the other tracks without much remorse. On the downside with riffs are a little bit uninspiring along with the drumming, but the vocals seem to have more ferocity as they keep up. ‘In The Mouth Of Madness’ brings a bit of the groove back, sounding a bit more like Lamb Of God with the riffs, but fans will hear that anthem driven power behind the chorus again. Then there is the closing ‘Quarterbound.’ Like ‘Wolf Without A Pack,’’ the riffs are slower, a little more repetitive, but the chorus is still the shining star of the track.

And like that the album is over. Despite the album’s ferocious appeal, it sounds like these five guys who have taken monikers like He-Man Powerblast (vocals) or Torturesepp (bass) had a lot of fun creating this album. Like most thrash albums, “Tools Of Torture” is very riff focused with some attention given to the solos, but the death metal influences here and there do help this album stand above the average Slayer/ Exodus/ Megadeth clone that so many bands out there tend to fall towards. While Tortureslave are not quite going to sound like the breakthrough band everyone might have been hoping for, their debut is strong and catchy. They may not have the driven hits to start a mosh pit, but with so many fist pumping tracks (despite being short), they will surely be an exciting act to hear at live shows for sure. Here’s to hoping they bring more awesome choruses and riffs to their next album.

3 / 5 STARS

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara

Jun 7, 2021

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Tortureslave – Tools Of Torture

review Tortureslave - Tools Of Torture

1. Allholy
2. The Deathmaker
3. I Won’t Bow
4. Wolf Without A Pack
5. Fathers Of The Fourth Reich
6. The Apex Sin
7. In The Mouth Of Madness
8. Quarterbound


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