Total Death - Desolate Recollections

Total Death (Ecuador) is existing since 1991 and made 2 full length albums so far.
On "Desolate Recollections" the band is exposing nine tunes in a melodic death metal collection with dark doom touches. Mostly mid tempo songs with breaks to faster parts. They even use a more of acoustic way to play. Raw vocals that are narrating, screaming or real clean singing. Good wok on the guitars as they are sounding diverse with atmospheric leads. The problem with this album is that the tracks are sometimes to far away from eachother. You are going from aggression to softness as they are seeking a suitable identity. But maybe some of you like this wide range of songwriting. If you want to decide you have to check their site to listen to some other tracks yourself.

1. Inhale The Last Dread
2. Withered Essence
3. Untitled Feelings
4. Breathing Dense Air Of Panic
5. Malicious Elements
6. Out Of Here, Near You
7. Threshold Of Tragedy
8. Pleasure Remains Pain
9. Insolent world

American Line Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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