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Maybe most of you don't know the band Total Terror. Neither do I to be honest but when you dig into the history of the band you see that they are from Sweden and consist of three members from Edge Of Insanity. Yes Edge Of Insanity, the band from Dan Swano. Swano has played in so many bands/projects that it would be too much to mention them. Besides the bands he is also a well known producer. This is handy for later.

Total Terror goes back to the beginning of the nineties as they wanted to make a crust album with Swedish lyrics. In 1993 they released a 7 track demo fuelled with the hate for rapists. After months of silence Swano was able to recruited the bassist and start working on the debut full length. 20 Tracks were not only written but also recorded in one night.

Recorded in one night means that the songs are short (longest one is 2:13 min) and played inspired and straight from the heart. The short songs are not just short but they tell something. Up and aggressive tempo ofcourse, hatred vocals (don't understand shite from the lyrics) and nice guitars. Swano is not afraid to do leads and they are violent ones but with tension. The songs breath passion completly.

I told you Swano is a producer and he gave the songs a cleaning, searched the lyrics and put it all together on this compilation of their demo and full length. Take in mind that this is all written in 1993/1994 but it still stands here in 2009.

1. Packad & Klar
2. Diska
3. Snobb
4. Mangel
5. Ar Det Sa Det Ska Va_
6. Fodd Till Ett Liv I En Logn
7. Muskler
8. Av Alla Sedlar Jag Har Fatt
9. Fotbollspappan
10. Terror-Tore
11. Skitig
12. Vem Fan Tror Du Att Du Ar_
13. Alkoholiserad
14. Tillat Mig Spy
15. Destination U.S.A.
16. Bakfull
17. Vad Har Du I Skallen, Svin_
18. Insparrad
19. Guds Kontonummer
20. Trendsvin
21. Mitt Liv Blir Min Dod
22. Do Da Din Javel
23. Det Finns En Grans
24. Era Sinnesjuka Svin
25. Du Borde Sparras In
26. Aggressiv
27. Det Finns Inte Ord

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Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2009

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