Toxik - Think This / World Circus

These 2 classic albums were originally release on Roadrunner Records. "World Circus" in 1987 and "Think This" in 1989. Toxik formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1992. Both these records are stellar examples of Music before its time. The music scene caught up to Toxik around1995. These are awsome records that bring back so much Brutalisim from my youth, and have been re-released on Displeased record label as well as a digipak release by Metal Mind with an ep tacked on to them with a Led Zepplin Cover, Live Perfomances and interviews. Classic Thrash metal, must have if you like old Exodus, Fates Warning, Heathen and the like. You will love Toxik if you have never heard of them. Manditory!

Think This
1. Think This
2. Greed
3. Spontaneous
4. There Stood The Fence
5. Black And White
6. Technical Arrogance
7. MIJ NJUB_In God
8. Machine Dream
9. Out On The Tiles (cover Led Zeppelin)
10. Shotgun Logic
11. Time After Time
12. Think That
13. Sontaneous (Live)
14. Shotgun Logic (Instrumental Demo)
15. Untitled Jam (Instrumental Demo)
16. Minor (Instrumental Demo)
17. Lost World (Instrumental Demo)

World Circus
1. Heart Attack
2. Social Overload
3. Pain And Misery
4. Voices
5. Door To Hell
6. World Circus
7. 47 Second Of Sanity/Count Your Blessings
8. False Prophets
9. Haunted Earth
10. Victims
11. Heart Attack (Wasteland Demo)
12. Haunted Earth (Wasteland Demo)
13. False Prophets (Wasteland Demo)
14. Wasteland (Wasteland Demo)
15. Skippy Windshield (Wasteland Demo)
16. Wasteland (Metal Massacre IX)
17. Straight Razor
18. Finer Points Of Tragedy
19. Parasite (Kiss)
20. Radio Spot
21. Radio Spot Fall '87
22. Radio Spot With King Diamond

Displeased Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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