Trapped In Purgatory – Damned Nation

Trapped In Purgatory are a UK based thrash metal band, bringing back the old-school style of thrash metal, with head banging riffs and an abrasive vocal style Trapped In Purgatory are certainly a band to keep your eye on.

“Damned Nation” starts off with the song prelude to war which is a soft acoustic track being the definition of calm before the storm. Once prelude to war comes to an end you are kicked directly in the face with a fast opening guitar riff backed by people screaming in terror which sets the atmosphere for this album flawlessly. ‘Hung Out To Die’ is the first proper thrash song on this album and it is amazing, if you listen to any song on this album this is the one to listen to. The drum work behind all the tracks is phenomenal as there is no stopping just pure speed and occasional groove. This song is the gift that just doesn’t stop giving. The solo in this song is a masterclass in how to perform a thrashy solo.

We move onto ‘Spit It Out’, this song is just your regular old thrash metal song with little unique about it, until you get to the quick bass solo part which would make even the late great Cliff Burton envious.

There is very little wrong with this album. The mix is perfect, and it has that sound all us thrash metal heads are looking for, including strong guitar play and equally powerful drum and bass work. The only negative of this whole album is that the vocals don’t seem to change at all which does unfortunately take away from the superb talent put behind this work.

Oddly enough ‘Damned Nation’ is most likely one of the weaker entries on this album in my opinion. This is because it doesn’t match the rest of the albums speed and heaviness.

If you love the old school era of thrash metal then I highly suggest becoming a fan of Trapped In Purgatory as I can see big things happening in the future as they are more than likely going to become big metal festival headliners

All in all this is a classic thrash metal album with the old school, like early Metallica and Slayer. I am personally incredibly excited to see what else this band has in their discography.

4.8 / 5 STARS 

Self released
Reviewer: Tom Peppard

Mar 10, 2021

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Trapped In Purgatory – Damned Nation

review Trapped In Purgatory - Damned Nation

1. Prelude To War
2. Hung Out To Die
3. Spit It Out
4. Demonicide
5. Patient Zero
6. Damned Nation
7. Apex Predator
8. Beyond The Rubicon
9. Out Of The Fire (Into The Pit)
10. Ashen Tide


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