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What we have here is a reissue of the only Traumasphere demo that dates back to 2001. The demo was self released in 2001 on CDr and it recently got a limited to 100 cassette tape reissue with different cover artwork.

Traumasphere was a death metal band from France. After releasing their demo, they changed name to Abyssal Suffering and then Ummon (both bands also made it only to one demo).

The Traumasphere demo is old school death metal with signs of progressive/experimental.

The opening track 'Eradicated's basic riff is an old school death metal riff and the vocals are classic death growls. The bass intonations in the end of the phrases are absolutely needed and well done. The rhythmic patterns and twist is very much 90's. A slow break in the middle of the song with some melodic passages reminded me of the old Finnish scene. It was a great idea to accompany them with whispering vocals. The lead guitar parts are very good in the early 90's ways.

There is always an obscure feeling in songs like 'Awaken In The Chronosphere'. The numerous rhythmic changes give it a progressive touch. I suppose bands like Atheist or Pestilence (especially "Testimony Of The Ancients" era) were in their minds when writing the song. Some riffs may still be chaotic, but the band shows a will to technicality.

'Orbital Grave' is a keyboard/synth instrumental that takes the listener's mind travelling in cosmos. It is really weird to think of a grave travelling in space forever. This could have been a Nocturnus intro.

'Civilization?' opening riff is a typical death metal riff of the 90's. The growls are deep and the guitar tries to perform fast and technical. In my opinion they don't succeed much in this because the result is chaotic at times. However, the mixing here doesn't do justice to the song that will end in whispers.

The last song is 'Organic Brain Lost In Vacuum' and it is my favorite song of the demo. There is an evil drive in the way the bass is used here with some twisted subharmonies. The riff changes are nice and there is also an excellent use of the pauses. When the solo breaks the general sound level raises, but I suppose this is just the way it was recorded/produced.

Traumasphere demo is a typical death metal demo of its time. I suppose demo hunters already have it. If not, here is your chance to listen to a nice example of how European death metal sounded in the millennium while still being influenced by the 90's.


1. Eradicated
2. Awaken In The Chaosphere
3. Orbital Grave
4. Civilization?
5. Organic Brain Lost In Vacuum

Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Apr 17, 2019
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