Treatment - Slavery

Straight upĀ  metal from the Netherlands. Treatment is one of the rare new metal acts who happen to have it on the ball. These guys are tight and their album "Slavery" is strong.

Starting off with a scream these tracks just burst with energy. Treatment are killing it full force with this mini cd and show us such mature musicianship and song writing abilities for being such a young band. The production and sound quality here is also amazing especeally for a self release. Line-Up stands as: Tiemen Claus: drums, Luuk ter Denge: bass, Leon Sweys: backing vocals/guitar and Stefan Herbers: vocals/guitar.

If you are looking to check out a new band and wish for something that will kick ass in an intelligently psychotic way then Treatment is the band for you and "Slavery" is the album you have been looking for (:

4/5 is the rating "Slavery" Squeezed out of me.

1. Down Again
2. Interlude
3. Slavery
4. What I've Become
5. Interlude
6. Kill

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 27, 2009

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