Trelldom – Til Ett Annet

Trelldom was founded by Gaahl in Sunnfjord, Norway in 1992. A demo tape and three full-length albums has since then been released. The line-up for the last ten years has been and still is Gaahl (vocals), Sir (bass) and Valgard (guitars).

“Til Ett Annet”, originally released in 1998 via Hammerheart Records, got a re-release. The project founded by Gaahl exists since 1992. The band released 4 albums since 92, and the last output called “Till Mine…” from 2007 was released under Regain Records. 

Trelldoms music is based on midtempo old school black metal. Songwriting, sound and composing is consistently okay. Powerchord – black metal with simple riffing. Trelldom is musically ok, the arrangements and songwriting are interesting. I think the album was remastered, because the sound fits the year 2013. “Til Ett Annet” contains 8 songs, which are all different. From 2 chord riffing, thrashy power chords, over melodic shredding guitars, blast beats to mid tempo songwriting.

Maybe another song order would give the album more power. In this order the songs are loosing tension. In some songs Gaahl forgoes the typical black metal screams and tries clean singing vocals, which sounds really terrible. Weird spoken lyrics, underlaid by pained false clean vocals do not fit this album. Would the band compose more into the progressive / psychodellic / post / black metal direction, the style of Gaals vocals will match better. All in all a standard black metal composition for fans of experimental black metal, with simple song structure and partially really monotone songwriting. Maybe the next album musicially will fit more into nowadays, “Til Ett Annet” days are gone. Have a try for yourself, the album has it’s own moments, even when they are rare.</p

Reviewer: Paul

Mar 3, 2013

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Trelldom – Til Ett Annet

  1. Vender Meg Mot Ett Kommende
  2. Slave Til En Kommende Natt 
  3. Min Død Til Ende 
  4. Til Et Annet... 
  5. Til Is Skal Eg Forbli 
  6. Svinfylking - Til Krig 
  7. Høyt Oppe I Dypet 
  8. Sonar Dreyri

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