Trenchrot - Necronomic Warfare

Only when bands are deeply into the old school, only then are they able to record shit like that and release it knowing that they've done well honoring the genre! The demo from Trenchrot in 2013, could tell the listener a lot about what their full length would sound like. And damn me, I am so happy to see that every bit of expectation created in me while listening to "Dragged Down To Hell" of 2013 took flesh and bone with their new release and first full length, baring the title "Necronomic Warfare".

Fuck me, I must be back in the 90s. This is the only way to explain the feeling that reeks once the play button is pushed on this one. 'Death By Trenchrot' is the starting song and believe me when I tell you that, this couldn't have a better start! Old school death  metal the way people used to cook it back in the day. Fully influenced by the European scene, without of course forgetting to make reference to the American beasts of the old! 'Gustav Gun' carries on the slaughter and we are well sunk in to the era when everything was plain and heavy. Cement heavy riffs followed by great leads. A fat bass guitar, tight drums and a vocalist screwing with his neck in the way Ola Lindberg and Martin Van Drunen taught us! You can assume by now that the whole album's speed is mainly mid tempo. I mean, yeah what else could it be? Their main cause in music is not to impress with their personal skill (which is more than ample), neither to run races. No! Their purpose in music is to create songs and tuned able to wake the bones of the dead. Check the manual in the chapter of dead revival and it will get pretty much clear! The songs proceed fast although they all have an average length of 4 minutes! This means quality! The album closes with the three songs of their demo and when the last song finishes the only move my body can do, is push the play button again!

11 songs in a total of 50 minutes and no one will ever notice! The good stuff I tell ya! The production helps a lot in bringing the quality of this release forth as it is the appropriate "Necronomic Warfare" needed! Dirty and muddy giving this release the feel and the reek of a swamp. But on the same time everything is at its place and can be heard loud and clear! The guitars, the bass the vocals, the drums, the soloing and while we talk soloing, this album is a guide on the proper death metal soloing. Not funky stuff and no music school techniques. Just a proper shredding of the guitar to make it squeal and there you have it! Second hearing of "Necronomic Warfare" done and heading on for the 3d. The title track is clearly my favorite! The best refrain verse out there! Wanna have a taste of old school magnificence? Sink your teeth in this one and bite down hard lads! The Americans "Trenchrot" are here to play no games. Only to serve old school death metal at its best with this first full length of theirs. A biiiig slap in the face and I'm in for seconds. Care to join?

  1. Death By TrenchRot
  2. Gustav Gun
  3. The Most Unspeakable Of Acts
  4. Mad Dogs Of War
  5. Sickening Devotion
  6. Necrotic Victory
  7. Maddening Aggression
  8. Necronomic Warfare
  9. Gallery Of The Dead
  10. Trapped Under Treads
  11. Dragged Down To Hell