Trépas - l’Héritage Du Monde

Trépas comes from Quebec Canada and gives us their first release with, “l’Héritage Du Monde”.

Trepas combines old school raw black metal elements with atmospheric sections. The first track 'Rivages Sombres' has killer fast drumming and lead guitar. The record starts out quite driving with the relentless drumming and aggressive vocals. The riffs are raw yet well produced and clear. The drums on this track really push the limits with speed and intensity. The strumming patterns with the guitars are intoxicating.

'l'Aube' is driving and keeps your head banging. Great guitar harmonies throughout the entire song. All the musicians work together to create a collective piece rather than one member going overboard and distracting you from the song structure. The lead harmony in this song really makes it catchy and brings you back time and time again for another listen.

'Charognes' highlights how great the guitarists are at creating memorable harmonies. It’s one thing to be a good player but it’s so much more important to write music that you just never forget. There is pure beauty within simplicity and design. Beautiful clean guitar section in this one, which creates a great dynamic paired with the driving intensity.

Track 5 'Trépas' starts off as a somber type of song and then immediately blasts your face off with the drums. The call and response method of writing is incredible in this song. What an amazing heartfelt track with raw emotion and poise. In 'Errance' the drums are produced so cleanly on this record. You can hear each piece of the drum set and especially the kick drum is gorgeous.

If you like bands like Darkthrone and you also enjoy well produced black metal with harmonies then Trépas is the next band you need to be listening to.


1. Rivages Sombres
2. l'Aube
3. l’Héritage Du Monde
4. Charognes
5. Trépas
6. Errance