Tribe Of Pazuzu - King Of All Demons

Second EP, one year later from the last one, for this USA/Canada all-star blackened death metal band. "King Of All Demons" is the second effort for this ensemble that included people like Flo Mournier (Cryptopsy, Vltimas) on drums and John McEntee (Incantation, former Mortician/Immolation) on rhythm guitar. For this EP the band was reduced to a three-way line-up due to John's loss, then with the confirmation of Flo, Nick and Randy Harris on the guitars. Tribe Of Pazuzu taking the best of the old death metal school from their past bands and melding it superbly with more technicism and violence.

5 pieces one more beautiful than the other, make this EP one of the best releases of this 2020. We start immediately with the title track, where Flo's omnipresent drumming catapults us into the realm of the demon Pazuzu. Speed, heaviness and guitar solos are ready to disorient the listener. 'Summoning Rituals' is much more rhythmic and heavy; Great mid tempos and sounds very close to John's genre with his Incantation... but also many good references to certain Morbid Angel influences.

Great work by Nick Sagias (bass/vocals) that makes the songs of this work much more involving and direct. Many influences, all well distributed, ranging from typical Slayer riffs to similarities such as Malevolent Creation and Hate Eternal. 'The Burning Of Diseased Empires', 'Crucify The Deceivers' and the final 'Retaliation And Wrath' close in beauty way this EP by Tribe Of Pazuzu.

The question that everyone is probably wondering is if all of this will have a sequel with a possible full length. It's hard to keep these coordinates over long distance, but this is certainly a good starting point, also considering the improvement compared to the previous EP. Lovers of American-style death metal, this album is absolutely for you!


1. King Of All Demons
2. Summoning Rituals
3. The Burning Of Diseased Empires
4. Crucify The Deceivers
5. Retaliation & Wrath