Truchło Strzygi – Pora Umierac

Hailing from Poland Truchło Strzygi release their debut full length album on the ever reliable Godz Ov War Productions "Pora Umierac" is a high energy punkish black metal rampage which his you like a shot of adrenalin into your temple.

The album opens with the vocalist singing a song (I’m assuming in polish) with La-la’s included before breaking into laughter, it’s immediately apparent the band don’t take themselves too seriously. We then get a man introducing the album followed by war sirens, then the band kick in.

What follows is a whirlwind of a curious mix of thrash metal but with a blackened edge to it with a punk delivery. The band make good use of chant and sing along choruses.

It’s hard to pick out a stand out tracks because the songs really flow into each other, a song will end with ringing feedback and drums will kick in and next thing you know you’re on to the next song it plays like a live recording. It feels like a live set or a rehearsal and it captures the raw energy of both so it really is best to listen to the album as a whole. It actually brings to mind the same vibe you get listening to Megadeth’s debut "Killing Is My Business". With that everything is perfectly paced. The band know when to change pace and keep things interesting and I can’t stress enough there are riffs aplenty on this.

Overall this is a really fun album, it’s got lots to it and they don’t sound like anyone else out there at the moment. A raw, hungry, energetic slice of black metal flavoured thrash with a punk kick. Just add beer!

  1. Apokaliptyczny Młot (Obliteracja Poprzez Życie)
  2. Sadystyczny Masowy Mord
  3. Tu Gdzie Czarna Zorza Płonie
  4. Świat Pędzi Ku Przestrodze (Pradawne Demony)
  5. Śmierć I Płomień
  6. Busola Do Nikąd
  7. Jestem (Żyję, Gniję, Umieram)
  8. Stary Kult Śmierci (Ozłocone Truchło)

Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 3, 2018

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