TrustNo1 - Satan In The Vatican

TrustNo1 from Austria is an unknown quantity in the international underground scene. The band was founded by some Darkwell members whose musical ideas didn´t fit into the Gothic / Doom sound of their main act. However - according to TrustNo1´s homepage, the core of their style is Old School Death Metal which was enhanced with some other elements. “Satan In The Vatican” was spiced up with a few and nice melodic guitar passages as well as some epic sounding arrangements. The vocalist sometimes reminds me of Chris Barnes. Not the worst guy to be compared with, but I honestly have to say the clean parts in the refrain of “Brother No 1” are needless. Fortunately this is an exception and the rest of the vocal parts are pretty cool. Coming back to the music right now: the before mentioned melodic ingredients are an interesting embellishment to grab the listeners attention, but regrettably some of the riffs are plain boring. A little bit too Old School and too simple in my opinion. Even if I previously read about the musical term, I had expected some more unpredictable variations or independence. The drum work is pretty beneficial, ranging from brute and groovy parts to mid-paced beats. Unfortunately the bass guitar drowns somewhere in the background, so no priorities were set. I guess the manageable budget was the reason for this flaw. The sound quality is without any doubt above reproach even though it´s not outstanding. With just a bit more force, this release would have been more entertaining.

Result: “Satan In the Vatican” surely has its good and interesting moments, but the band should concentrate on writing more varied songs. It´s still a long way for these Austrian musicians to emerge from the masses of homogenous acts. Feel free to check TrustNo1 out and judge by yourself.

  1. Red Star

  2. Holodomor

  3. Neda

  4. Political

  5. Il Duce

  6. There Is No God

  7. Satan In The Vatican

  8. M-26-7

  9. 1532

  10. Brother No 1

Twilight Zone Records
Reviewer: Alex
Sep 16, 2010

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